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MRL Passenger Elevator

Machine Room-less (MRL) passenger elevators is an exciting new elevator configuration designed to save space, money, energy, and time. It is a good choice for mid-rise buildings that need to get passengers where they are going quickly.

MRL Elevator Benefits

  • MRLs save space by placing the compact, gearless machine directly in the elevator shaft.
  • There is no need for a roof top machine room, which potentially lowers building construction costs.
  • Gear less machines and counterweight configuration of MRLs increases energy efficiency and provides a smooth, quiet ride
  • MRLs typically travel faster than traditional hydraulic elevators, which saves time for riders.

Gear less Traction Elevator

The traction sheave is connected directly to the shaft of the traction motor, and the motor rotation (speed) is transmitted directly to the traction sheave without any intermediate gearing.


  • Overhead or basement machine rooms
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Speeds faster than other product lines
  • Permanent Magnet AC Motor
  • More energy efficient than geared traction
  • Smoother ride quality than hydraulic systems
  • Accommodates front/rear openings
  • Non-proprietary equipment

Geared Traction Elevator

Motor rotation (speed) is reduced by 1/10th using a speed reducer equipped with worm or helical gears, and transmitted to the traction sheave of the traction machine.


  • Overhead or basement machine rooms
  • Less expensive installation than gearless
  • Speeds faster than other product lines
  • Smoother ride quality than hydraulic systems
  • Accommodates front/rear openings
  • Non-proprietary equipment

Traction Elevator Instillation

Traction drive machine room less lifts have the entire lift systems located within the lift shaft. The smooth and quiet driving unit work most efficiently with the counter-weight system greatly reducing power consumption. These systems are also simple to maintain, without the need of oils that need replacing after several years. Therefore, the combination of low cost maintenance and minimal energy consumption equate to excellent long term low running cost.



Upgradating and Modernisation

Is it time to modernize your elevator?

Timely professional maintenance will extend the life of your elevator, but there are warning signs that your elevator is reaching the end of its service life. Even if your elevator is old, but seems to be functioning alright, it may still be time for a modernization.

  Your elevator is more than 20 years old

  The cab smells like hydraulic oil, or is stuffy and not well ventilated

  The ride is noisy or jerky

  Repairs take longer and are becoming more expensive

  Tenants are complaining about the frequent shutdowns, long wait times for arrival, or the aesthetics of the elevator

What are the benefits of elevator modernization?

  Overall tenant satisfaction

  Increased building value

  Brings device up to current safety and fire codes

  Quieter operation

  Shorter wait times

  Increased ride comfort

  Shorter travel times

  Increased reliability

  Lower energy usage


Annual Maintenace Contract(AMC)

Benefits of Regular Elevator Maintenance.

We use elevators every day several times and most of us don’t even think about how safe they are. But we continue using it because we know, also we are sure that someone is dealing with security issues and elevators are safer than motor vehicles. So what ensures elevator safety? There are some important factors that make them safe.

Elevator safety depends on two main issues;

  • Building/constructing a perfect elevator,
  • A consistent maintenance schedule.

The building or construction of a flawless, perfect elevator system is the first step of safety. As we know that elevators are complete elevator systems that require a perfect design. This design should include all the necessary calculations, define all the needs, all the sub-systems and parts of the elevator should meet the international standards, and finally, the installation of the elevator should be perfect that leaving no space to mistake. This way we will have an impeccable elevator system that provides the first step of safety.

Then the second step which is a long-term one will begin. Consistent maintenance. Today our topic will be about this step; maintenance. First, we will discuss the responsibility of elevator maintenance.


The Responsibility of Elevator Maintenance

The design and construction of an elevator system are very important and competent companies can achieve these. Ditya Elevator , for example, is one of the best elevator design companies with so many years of experience. But when the system is installed and handed to the users as operational, the maintenance process begins. But who will be responsible? Who will keep them operative and safe? This is complicated most of the time.

In most cases, and also according to the regulations, all the buildings have managements that direct the buildings. They are responsible for all kinds of systems in a building. There are competent and experienced companies that give regular maintenance services. The management of the buildings has a contract with them and arranges a schedule of maintenance.

When we come to this topic, the maintenance of the elevators should be proactive. Just like keeping a car or vehicle operational, there is a regular maintenance process, elevators should have also these kinds of processes in order to keep them operative. As you change old tires and the oil of your car, you should also renew your oil regularly. And the building managers or managements are responsible to follow and provide for consistent maintenance.


The Long-Term Work of Maintenance

As we mentioned before, there are some strict regulations about the consistent maintenance of the elevators. Existing lifts. Rules for the Improvement of Safety of Existing Passenger and Goods Lifts” is the main ruler document of the elevator maintenance. The frequency of maintenance of the elevators is affected by the factors of:

  • Age of the elevator,
  • The type of elevator,
  • The purpose and details of the usage,
  • Operational zone,
  • The effects of weather conditions,
  • The average daily load of the elevator,

and so many other factors.

The benefit of consistent maintenance comes from nature. When technical personnel regularly inspect the elevator system, equipment, and components, they can detect the problems before they occur and take the required actions. Examining, lubricating, cleaning, and adjusting the equipment are proactive measures that provide the system to work safely. This system is named the preventive maintenance of the lifts. This system may seem more expensive because you don’t wait for a failure to occur, but in the long term, you happen to prevent more serious problems and save more when compared to big repair costs.


How to Maintain Elevators Effectively

At this point, the situation is about the quality of maintenance. Who will make the maintenance? Most of the time, the management of the buildings signs a yearly (or maybe 5 years period) contract with maintenance companies. And these companies regularly perform maintenance work. But the management rarely knows about the technical issues of maintenance. And if the managers try to make the work done as cheap as possible, the companies may deceive them by taking money but not having the necessary actions. So, the managers should be careful and find a competent and expert company to do the job.

The company should prepare an effective Maintenance Control Plan for the elevator systems. The managers should provide the firms to prepare a detailed MCP and follow the actions according to it. The MCP should determine the frequency and detailed works of the maintenance. The MCP should also consider the plans and maintenance advice of the manufacturing company.

In the end, we can say that the owners or the managers of the buildings are the owners of elevator systems. They should follow the necessary actions, closely monitor the maintenance and modernization, if necessary, plans, and provide the systems’ safety. The best way to achieve this is to find an expert and competent company to do this.

DITYA Elevator is an experienced and competent company that designs perfect complete elevator systems. You can always reach us for any questions and assistance. Our experienced personnel is always ready and eager to guide you about your needs.

Elevator Repair Services

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Ditya Elevator Lift Repair Services

High-rises have become the norm for offices or residential homes in India now, especially in urban areas, and Ditya Elevator are an integral part of such buildings. The iconic lift company has wide recall value and can be found installed in a majority of tall buildings.

Whether commercial or residential buildings, Ditya Elevator services have an important role to play in the maintenance of lifts. Malfunctions and breakdowns can be a serious safety hazard for residents. In tall buildings, it is the very young or the very old who suffer the most when lifts are out of service. Thus, lifts should be regularly serviced and kept in good working condition.

By periodically conducting lift maintenance, minor lift issues can be avoided. Lifts require maintenance once a month or two times in every three months. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to call for Ditya Elevator services. This is because a lift comprises several moving parts that undergo wear and tear with repeated use.